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If you are planning an active vacation you can choose between our guided excursions in the mountains and on the coast with our E-MTB, KAYAKS and WALKING. You can do a different experience every day or choose the one you like best and repeat it for several days in different places. We advise to book the excursions together with your stay to ensure availability.

To book excursions contact us by phone or by e-mail.

e-mtb  +  kayak

Utilizing both our e-mtbs and our kayaks you can visit the Punta Penna Natural Reserve both from the sea and from land. In this unique experience you can enjoy, in detail, all aspects of the beauty of this stretch of coast in an exciting, fun and relaxing way.

The excursion is suitable for everyone and does not require specific skills. It lasts about 4 hours and depending on the weather conditions or your other plans, you can choose to go in the morning (excluding the months of July and August) from 8 to 12 or in the afternoon from 15.30 to 19.30.

We start off from our B & B riding the e-bikes traveling both on asphalt and on easy off-road paths then head to the uncultivated Motta Grossa Beach located in the Punta Aderci Natural Reserve. Here we leave the e-bikes and take the kayaks to Punta Penna and Libertini beach. Back at Motta Grossa you can decide whether to return to the B & B driven back in our car or riding back on the e-mtb.
n.b. this service is not available from 20/07 to 20/08 due to excessive crowding in the area that would make the experience less pleasant
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E-MTB  (sea)

Si parte dal B&B con le e-bike con destinazione COSTA DEI TRABOCCHI su tracciato sterrato/asfalto (a scelta). Visiteremo la riserva naturale del Bosco di Don Venanzio, le spiagge di Punta Penna, Mottagrossa, Casalbordino, Torino di Sangro e la riserva naturale di Punta Aderci.

Vi porteremo su un Trabocco dove volendo (se disponibile e solo con prenotazione di minimo 15gg)  possiamo anche organizzare un aperitivo-pranzo a base di prodotti BIO della nostra Azienda Agricola.

Il percorso è adatto a tutti coloro che sanno andare in bici, senza abilità particolari.

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E-MTB   (mountain)

For those who prefer the mountains we will guide you on the trails of the Majella, the National Park of Abruzzo and Gran Sasso National Park. Together we can plan itineraries that best suit your needs .

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We have 2 good quality inflatable kayaks each with three seats (2 adults and one child) and one rigid single-seater kayak. We prepare and transport them to the water, you will only have to paddle and enjoy one of the most beautiful stretches of the Adriatic coastline.
Departing from Casalbordino Beach we can reach both Punta Penna Beach, passing through the Punta Aderci Natural Reserve, and Trabocco Le Morge. For those whom are more athletic both places can be visited in one day.
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We will drive you back and forth in our car to the mountains for an easy guided hiking tour. Either discovering worship places and hermitages or you can choose to follow the shepherds’ paths, that through “transhumance” have forged the strong but kind character of this region. Here you will stroll through some of the most beautiful villages in Italy
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