breakfast and food


In addition to  the standard breakfast (the mandatory one with packaged products), we also provides our guests with fresh foods we normally use. The food we offer for breakfast, and if you wish also for lunch or dinner, are chosen and made by us with care. The eggs come from our chickens, which are very well treated and fed; just like our dairy products, which come from our mountain dairy farm which still uses ancient methods to produce whole, unpasturized milk that is preservative and additive free, from crows that are rised in freedom. The oil is supplied to us by our friends and we can guarantee the quality and integrity of the product which is not store bought. The tomatoes are from our garden and are harvested a few minutes before being served at the table. Even the meat comes from our high altitude farms and what we do not produce ourselves comes from the Coldiretti market, from trusted friends, or from the fair trade market. The wine comes from the San Nicola winery, 1 km from our house, and is recognized as producing quality wines. In our orchard you can taste figs, cherries, mulberries, jujubes, medlars and plums.

The tap water is excellent, but we make it even purer thanks to a micro-filtering system.

We love local food and recipes and we are at your disposal to introduce you to our beautyful region also from a food and wine point of view.